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Is epoolers just another ride-sharing app?
Yes. And no. It isn't just another ride-sharing app. It is one that makes you feel safe and comfortable in the company of your fellow riders.

How do I know I am safe?
ePoolers uses a user's sign-in records and driving licence to ensure that all users are genuine. Your rides are GPS-tracked and you can share your journey with your friends and family.

How do you make me comfortable?
The payment calculations and divisions are done automatically and the money split and credited without human intervention.

What about the strangers I ride with?
Travelling with strangers can be taxing. That's why we let you choose riders who share your interests. So you don't just ride together, you do it in company you enjoy.

It's my car. I don't want the wrong sorts to spoil it.
All riders, as well as poolers, are rated by previous co-travellers. So you know who are riding with. And the riders also know that they are being rated.