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About Us

ePoolers have a lot in common with you.

Like you, we too want the roads decongested of traffic, the air cleared of vehicular pollutants, the journeys full of joy. And yes, hopefully save some money too while we save the world for future generations.

We think we have found a way. Now all we need are enough people to join in.

Car-pooling & Bike-pooling

Right, there is nothing new about it. But have you done it yet? Or know of anyone who has?

  • We first figured out why it wasn't catching in India. Then we set about taking care of all your concerns.
  • We made ride-sharing safe.
  • We made payment calculation and division automatic.
  • We made finding riders and poolers easy and intutive.
  • We also made it possible for you to find companions who share your interests.
That's about us!

And yes, We are currently operational in India.

Now let's hear about you. On the app. Download it here.